Kai Xing

Ph.D. of Computer Science

Email: kaixing8(AT)gmail.com

Research Interests

My main research interest lies within wireless network. Specific areas of interest in this field include: Data Broadcasting, Delay-tolerant Network, and Wireless Sensor Network. Besides, Social Network is a subject I would like to work more on.

About Me

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1. Hongwei Du, Zhao Zhang, Weili Wu, Lidong Wu and Kai Xing, "Constant-approximation for optimal data aggregation with physical interference", Journal of Global Optimization, accepted, 2012.
2. Kai Xing, Weili Wu, Ling Ding, Lidong Wu, and James Willson, "An Efficient Routing Protocol Based on Consecutive Forwarding Prediction in Delay Tolerant Networks", accepted by International Journal of Sensor Networks.
3. Lidan Fan, Weili Wu, Kai Xing, Wonjun Lee, and Ding-Zhu Du, Asymmetric Trust Dependent Worm Containment in Cellular Networks: A Social Network Perspective, submitted.
4. Jiao Zhou, Zhao Zhang, Weili Wu, and Kai Xing "A Greedy Algorithm for the Fault-Tolerant Connected Dominating Set in a General Graph", Journal of Combinatorial Optimization, accepted. 2013


5. Kai Xing, Weili Wu, Yan Shi, Jiaofei Zhong, Lidong Wu, and Zheng Gao "An Efficient Scheme for Non-Clustered Data Broadcasting". SEDE 2013.
6. Yuanjun Bi, He Chen, Weili Wu, and Kai Xing "Multi-Chance Influence Maximization with Users' Behavior Roles", submitted.
7. Kai Xing, Weili Wu, Yuanjun Bi, and Lidan Fan "Profit Maximization with Budgeted Pricing in a Social Network", submitted.
8. Lidan Fan, Weili Wu, Xuming Zhai, Kai Xing, Wonjun Lee, and Ding-Zhu Du "Maximizing Rumor Containment in Social Networks with Constrained Time", submitted.
9. Xuming Zhai, Lidan Fan, Kai Xing, He Chen, Weili Wu, and Bhavani Thuraisingham "Network Inference and Influence Probability Estimation from Cascades", submitted.


10. Hongwei Du, Weili Wu, Kai Xing, Lidong Wu, Xuefei Zhang, Deying Li, "Optimization in Multi-channel Wireless Networks", to apprear in Handbook of Combinatorial Optimization (2nd Edition).

11. Minimum Connected Sensor Cover and Maximum-Lifetime Coverage in Wireless Sensor Networks. Dynamics of Information Systems proceedings, submitted. (With L. Wu)


- Four years’ experiences on JAVA banks and telecom systems
- Experiences on C, C++, SQL, HTML, JavaScript, JSP, and XML
- Object Oriented Modeling and Design Patterns
- Oracle, Informix, and DB2 databases
- AWS, AIX, UNIX, Linux and Shell programming
- Git, CVS, WebLogic, Tuxedo, and MQ

Work Experiences

Yucheng Technologies Limited, Beijing, China 2006 – 2008

Software Engineer

Norn Technology Company Ltd., Beijing, China 2009

Software Engineer